Sesame Street Legacy Games

The Client wanted the games that were developed on C++ and not intended to be played online to be converted into Flash. Our programmers converted a set of games using Flex (Action Script 3) for Flash version 9.
Bright, eye-catching and funny these game are created especially for children. While playing children learn to read, write and count, they get to know how to lead a healthy life and lots of other useful hints.

Swisscom demo

Swisscom Demo is a corporate Flash presentation produced for Swisscom Hospitality Services, a division of Swisscom providing IP-based network services for hotels.

The objective was to develop the presentation building a unique brand image for the company – offering unbeatable quality and service. The concept of the demo is demonstrated by the Hotel navigating in which one can view different modules representing the different benefits of Company’s activities.

DDM Studio’s scope of work included:

  • Flash development of entire presentation consisting of introduction, hotel navigation and 8 Flash modules;
  • Ensuring easy installation of Demo on the user’s computer without necessity to install Flash player or other software;
  • Development of admin tool by means of which the Client can review and update the modules;
  • Optimization of modules for web;
  • Adding the background music synchronized with the modules’ playing.

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