The workflow usually includes the following steps:

the customer provides request for proposal (RFP) describing the task. It may be followed by kick-off meeting (conference call) where client’s needs are explained in more details.

studio sends questions on RFP in the brief document itself or in the Q&A file. Answers are provided by the client in the same document. If necessary, meetings (calls or IM sessions) are arranged to discuss the questions in greater detail.

Scope of Work
when all the issues are covered final SOW is produced by the client. Depending on the project flowchart(s) may be added demonstrating application structure.

cost estimate and timing are issued to the client.

Production schedule
as soon as cost and timing are confirmed production schedule is prepared. It includes periods for developing separate sections as well as general milestones.

Development phase
depending on the project status meetings take place regularly (e.g. each day or once a week or once in two weeks).

Beta-version delivery
delivery of ready tested version for the client’s review. In case of request for adding new features studio provides extra cost and time estimation. As soon as these are approved updates are implemented.

Final delivery
final version of the application is delivered to the client or deployed to the final location (as indicated in the SOW). If required, manual and/or technical documentation is provided.